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Fitness enthusiasts share their experiences on review websites and social media; think Google, Yelp and Facebook. Nine out of ten people will not commit to fitness services until they have read online reviews. We monitor reviews 24/7/365 on all review channels.

When potential members are reading your online reviews, we want them to see a FIT Reputation!


Responding to online reviews and engaging social media feedback increases new memberships. We respond to online reviews on behalf of Management allowing them to focus on member experiences, staff, and gym operations.

  • 80% of people read at least 6 to 12 reviews prior to selecting a gym
  • 59% of people feel that a thoughtful review response can improve their impression of a business
  • 73% of people use Google reviews. Review ratings and engagement account for approx. 15% of your Google placement
  • A 0.1% increase in your star rating can increase your conversions by 25%


We actively respond to online feedback to let potential new members know that you care about them and their fitness goals.


Feedback is the breakfast of champions and too important to ignore. We keep your GYM Management informed and engaged. We offer a more efficient way to manage online feedback. Our Fit Reputation Managers work for you and become a valued part of your team. We provide you with useful reputation analysis to keep you informed and allow you to celebrate strengths and resolve vulnerabilities. Additionally, we provide you with competitor benchmarking.

All our Reputation Managers are seasoned fitness professionals who only work within the health and fitness industry.

Sample Responses

Your personal fitness goals are important to us at XYZ Gym, and we are thrilled you enjoy our group classes. We sincerely thank you for allowing us to participate in your fitness journey.

I’m glad that you are enjoying your workouts. I will be sure to share your kind feedback with Tricia as she works hard to help our members to meet their goals. We can’t wait to see what you do next!

Your success is our priority, so I apologize for falling short during your last visit. I regret the equipment issues you encountered; I’m happy to report that these have been resolved. This was an extraordinary circumstance, and I’m sorry we inconvenienced you. We value you as our member and look forward to your return.

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