Fit Reputation responds to online reviews for
both the health and fitness industries.


Fit Reputation responds to online reviews for
both the fitness and health industries.

Our People

At Fit Reputation we are seasoned professionals who only work within the healthcare and fitness industries. Our team, most with over 20 years in their industry, will handle your Online Reputation Management by monitoring your reviews, responding on your behalf with relevant responses and providing you with useful sentiment analysis.

Our Fit Reputation Managers have dealt with most review scenarios firsthand. This allows us to provide relevant and sincere responses. We recognize when it’s possible to immediately respond to feedback or when it is necessary to reach out to our clients due to sensitive review content.

Who We Serve

Medical Practices

Physical Therapy

Acupuncture Practices

Holistic Health

Who We Serve

Private Personal Training Facilities

Small Gyms and Small Group Training


National Brands

Our Focus

Getting gyms more members through engaging their online feedback.

Getting medical practices new patient appointments through engaging their online feedback.

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Why Sign-Up for Fit Reputation

  • We focus on getting you new member or new patient appointments.
  • We manage the review process for you so you can focus on your business.
  • We only hire healthcare and fitness experts. Since we know the medical and health industry so well, we can confidently reply to your reviews.
  • Review ratings and engagement account for approx. 15% of your Google placement.
  • 90% of consumers turn to online reviews before making a purchasing decision. We help get your company more reviews and respond to each review, which further educates future consumers.
  • We maximize brand power by keeping brand standards in-tact with all messaging and communication.
  • Our responses are informative and educational, providing more value and context to people who are looking for a new healthcare provider or fitness center.

Our Philosophy

Our teams are always focused on creating a Fit Reputation to help our healthcare providers obtain new patient appointments or our fitness clients obtain new members. The heart of our purpose is to win you new clients. It is essential to engage review sites to maintain an an overall Fit reputation, but it is equally important to use precious feedback to make your business better. Our Fit Reputation Managers scrutinize your reviews for trends allowing you to celebrate strengths and resolve vulnerabilities.